As founders, believers, and users of the True Au Jus Board, Matt Scott and Jonny Fraser Regnery are excited and motivated to share this with as many people as possible.

The True Board was inspired through their own frustrations with current cutting board designs, combined with the challenges and opportunities presented in the new trend of serving and dining “pot-luck-style,” like most barbecue situations tend to be.

They knew others would therefore have the same frustrations… and benefit from what they dreamed up!

As Americans, believing, living and understanding the True juice behind the American Dream, they knew they had something worth exploring and developing… for selfless giving reasons… simply, to help others through current frustrating/challenging circumstances. The answer was simple:

Raise IT Up!

Matt grew up in Montana, but now lives in Southern California. He has been a medical device sales and service representative in the orthopedics field, to include trauma and total joints, for nearly 23 years. He is a loving husband and blessed father of three. He and his wife enjoy bringing people together for fun, community, and of course, BARBECUE!

Matt is also an author of a children’s book series on positivity, happiness, and success! The six book illustrated “Dr Seuss-like” series is called, “Find Something Awesome!” Book 7, “What’s an American?” Is currently in development.

Matt enjoys hanging with friends and family, paddle boarding, snow boarding, and riding the Air Chair!

Jonny has been running his own custom cabinet design company for over 20 years. He enjoys cooking, BBQ and spending time in and around the kitchen. Providing high quality kitchen design and installation with a close personal connection to the client is paramount.

Jonny is also a loving husband and father of one amazing daughter. He loves his family, including Roxy, his awesome Husky. Jonny enjoys riding his bike, is an avid skier and has a large Bonsai collection.

Together, Matt and Jonny’s goal became something real:
The True Board! …Helping others “Raise IT Up!”

This same goal has expanded to include a more direct giving purpose to provide positive capability messaging to young patients at Orthopaedic Institute for Children.

In partnership with the awesome people and efforts involved at this hospital, nearly 700 copies of the “Find Something Awesome!” book series have been donated to the hospital and their cause!

Continuing this effort, with each purchase of a True Board, an additional book will be donated… to include the new book, “What’s an American?”

They know that simply the “BARBECUE” community … with the family and goodness it brings… is a perfect population of people to help spread and grow these messages for a stronger unified living loving America! 

They hope you enjoy The True Board, and join their efforts to spread the ability to “Raise IT Up!” 

You can! WE can! 

Thank you!